Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County

Department of General Services, Division of Building Operations Support Services

Welcome to the NEWLY UPGRADED Building Operations Support Services ARCHIBUS site. Through ARCHIBUS, Metro employees can submit a work request for maintenance for any building or site that is maintained by the department of General Services.

To see a summary of the upgrade changes on this site, please click here

To access ARCHIBUS all users must have an account with Metro ITS. Please note, user accounts can belong to different domains such as 'NASHVILLE', 'METROPD', 'JISORG', or 'DCSO'. If a user has a Metro ITS account in the 'NASHVILLE' domain, an ARCHIBUS account has been automatically created. If a user has an ITS account in a domain outside of Nashville, an ARCHIBUS account must be requested. To request an ARCHIBUS account, please contact The support box will be monitored from 7:30 to 4. It should not be used for submitting maintenance requests. If you have a maintenance request and cannot submit a ticket, please call 615-862-6599.

To log into ARCHIBUS, type in the user and domain name and then the password provided by Metro ITS, using the syntax shown below.

User name@Domain name


Password (case sensitive)

(ie. HotLunch123)

  1. Usernames are not case-sensitive
  2. Case-sensitive
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